Gruppo 12 cultural association
POLISGRAMMA - Building Ground Art

Members: Minou Amirsoleimani, Donata Buccioli, Fiorella Corsi, Elisabetta Diamanti, Giovanna Gandini, Gabriella Porpora, Marialuisa Ricciuti, Francesca Rossi De Gasperis, Grazia Sernia

Gruppo 12 Art Association was constituted in 1986.  Its activity is oriented to the problematic nature of man/city relation, with the objective of  intervening in the urban texture of that "organism under continuous transformation" which is the metropolis. It has created "BUILDING GROUND ART" -  a term used by the group to define its line of research - privileging the metal fence of urban building yards as support of its visual art works.  The art event “POLISGRAMMA”  has been presented in Rome at the Central National Library (1986), at the Termini Railway Central Station (1988) and at the Salesian Athenaeum (1991), in Vienna at the Wuk - Offener Projectraum (1989), in Milan at the Art Civic Library - Castello Sforzesco (1991), at the Polytechnic Architecture Faculty (1992) and at Rozzano Cascina Grande (1993). Among the last events we mention "POLISGRAMMA - Forum Transitorium" at the Nerva Forum excavation yard in Rome (1996) and “Post Post Scriptum”, consisting in posting above one hundred "artists' posters" in the advertising spaces of  Rome municipality (2000) and the operation "11 Settembre, Tazebao spontaneo", an itinerant exhibition which, started in September 2001, took place at Anagni (Sala Comunale della Ragione), Milan (Politechnic, Faculty of Architecture), Viterbo (Accademy of Fine Arts) and was concluded in Rome last September 2002, in collaboration with Grandi Stazioni.
More recently Gruppo 12 has been engaged in a series of exhibitions on the theme of peace. The group presented in 2003 at Assisi an installation for the exhibition "Artists for Peace" and in 2004 the itinerant show "POLISGRAMMA - Insignia pacis" in Latina at Palazzo della Cultura and then in Rome at Largo di Torre Argentina, in collaboration with Legambiente.

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